Our Story

Founded on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2011, Dad & Dave's Brewing is an independently owned and operated family business (Dad, Dave, Mum, Jess, Scott and James).


Dad (John) and Dave are qualified brewers who understand customer wants and needs. We focus on using the traditional ingredients of malt, hops, water and yeast, and then combine these with some innovative ingredients and brewing techniques to live up to our motto:


“We make beer, delicious beer!”


#1 Pale Ale

Style: Australian Pale Ale

ABV: 4.6%

IBU: 25

Dad & Dave's #1 Pale Ale is brewed with 100% Australian Pale malt and Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand. The malt and hops balance the malt sweetness and the tropical fruit flavour while maintaing the sessional quality typical of Australian Pale Ales. Perfect for any occasion!

2013 Bronze - Sydney Beer & Cider Show

2014 Silver - Sydney Beer & Cider Show

2015 Bronze - Sydney Beer & Cider Show

2016 Bronze - Australian Craft Beer Awards

#2 Belgian IPA

Style: Belgian IPA

ABV 5.5%

IBU: 42

Dad & Davess #2 Belgian IPA is a delicious mashup between two great styles of beer. Instead of using 100% malt, we use Balgian candi sugar to achieve a lighter mouthfeel without compromising flavour. With the use of Australian Galaxy hops and Belgian Saison yeast we create subtle spice and savoury flavours, with an aroma of a classic IPA.

2015 Bronze - Sydney Beer & Cider Show

#3 Dad's Pils

Style: Bohemium Pilsner

ABV 4.2%

IBU: 30

Dad's #3 Pils is crafted in the tradition style. Brewed with classic Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and Czech lager yeast, the beer has a rich malt flavour with a crisp finish. A truly uplifting craft beer experience!

#4 Dave's Gold

Style: Golden Ale

ABV 4.2%

IBU: 25

Dave’s Gold is a refreshing Golden Ale, perfect for when you just need a refreshing beer to quench your thirst. Made from a blend of 100% pure malts and aromatic Australian hops, it is deliciously full of flavour. This beer satisfies without going over the top.


It’s just Gold!